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Creative kraft cardboard folder including 5 Greenland fine art prints.

130.00 CHF

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Folder brown with string and button closure.
Kraft cardboard A5 - 283 g/m²
Kraft cardboard A4 - 410 g/m²
All sides closed. 3 inside flaps. 1 outside flap.
FSC-certified. 100% recyclable.
A5 with Greenland title stamp imprint.
A4 with Greenland title stamp imprint and intro stamp imprint.
Set of 5 exclusive satin fine art prints signed at the back.
Make your personal selection of 5 out of 10 fine art prints.
Please send me your prints selection via email after you completed your order.
Order example: #2 #3 #5 #8 #10.
Just drop me a line if you have any questions.
Delivered in 7 working days.