1. Tribute to the Ocean and the Mountains

    From time to time I feel the desire to create something on my own that is outside my regular assignments as a professional photographer, just like this cinematic and musical tribute to the ocean and the mountains. View in HD ->  SOUND ON  🔊

  2. Lighting in photography

    Lighting can be one of the most challenging aspects of photography. On this assignment for an architect’s office last week, I controlled the light using a mix of compact wireless flashgun and available daylight. In that way I was more flexible, faster and last but not least could achieve editorial-style…

  3. Photoshoot for Swisscom with Nöldi Forrer

    To photograph in a reportage / editorial style using available light is a wonderful way to keep it authentic and focus on key moments to form the final story – photoshoot for Swisscom with Nöldi Forrer, king of Swiss wrestling, at his cheese factory.

  4. Stand Up Paddling through a Sea of Ice

    Can you believe it! We are ready for take-off and just 3 days before departure the Greenlandic government brings out new regulations that take effect exactly on the date we were due to fly out. How crazy is that after one year of preparing our photography expedition!? We have no…

  5. 14 pages in Du Magazin

    So many great memories throughout my long-term collaboration with the Zurich Zoo where I had the opportunity to photograph for annual reports and other media. Super happy to see my work about the Zoo in the latest issue of Du Magazin. Check it out, it’s out now.

  6. Spitex image campain

    Bilder für Werbekampagne und die neue Karriereseite der Spitex Zürich in Zusammenarbeit mit der Kommunikationsagentur Pomcany’s.

  7. Blackprint and their true passion for monochrom fine art printing

    This shout out is a special one. Big thanks to my friend Anthony at blackprint for this high quality black and white print of my photograph of the Burning Man Temple. It is now proudly hanging on the wall in front of my desk and I can dive back in…

  8. Social Impact

    Beside our travel and adventure stories, at PlanetVisible we want to help companies and organizations in the process of creating impactful and visually compelling imagery to emphasize projects around Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Here’s how.

  9. What I have learned working on a side project for the past 3 years

    I am a Swiss/French photographer based in Zurich, Switzerland specialized in portraiture, editorial and commercial photography. I am also owner of PhotoPulse LLC Three years ago I started a photography side project named PlanetVisible with two photographer friends. That was the beginning of a new and exciting adventure pursuing visual…

  10. Available light photography

    Over the last years I can see a trend going back to available light photography. Many of my clients are looking for a more natural and authentic approach to tell their stories. In my eyes it is the perfect way to show things as they really are Ongoing work for…

  11. My love for clean shots with a minimalistic approach

    Before starting my company as a photographer 20 years ago I was working as a mechanical draftsman. This is where my love for clean shots with a minimalistic approach comes from. The composition, lines and shapes always play an important role in my photography like in this architecture series.

  12. Interiors für Steinhaus

    Neue Zusammenarbeit mit der Firma Steinhaus. Steinhaus bietet seit Jahren exklusive Lösungen für Küche und Bad an. Zeitloses, modernes Design, produziert aus Materialien, die sich seit Jahrzehnten bewähren.

  13. Still photography for Migros Genossenschaft Zürich

    Still photography can be quite amazing. Using the play of composition, lighting and colors, it gives the ability to turn an ordinary object into a beautiful photograph.For the 5. round of our Migros-photoshoot we sticked to a technic named ‘flat lay’ photography also known as knolling, which means arranging different…

  14. Life Framer Photography Award

    Proud to be under the winners of this year Life Framer Photography Award in the category ‘AN INSTANT‘. The theme was judged by Clément Saccomani, Managing Director of the highly-revered photographer-owned agency NOOR.– “Some images are captured, others are seized. Here Jean Luc bottles a youthful abandon, a childhood energy…

  15. Fotoshooting für ABB

    Anforderungen : Fotomaterial für Karrierewebseite, Flyer, Roll-Up und Social Media. Im Mittelpunkt stehen ABB Interns, die individuell oder in Gruppen aufgenommen werden um die starke Community zu unterstreichen und zu veranschaulichen dass ABB auch ein Arbeitgeber für junge Leute ist.Da wir zügig unterwegs waren und mobil arbeiten mussten, hatte ich…

  16. Stand Up Paddle in northern Norway

    The Norwegian archipelago situated within the Arctic Circle north of Tromsø is renowned for its natural beauty and rugged mountainous coastline. Bathed in the light of the Midnight Sun from late May through late July it is a place that gives the chance to feel nature’s elements and to experience…

  17. Monochrome Photography Awards & photo17

    Good news! The 2016 Monochrome Photography Awards received nearly 7000 submissions from 86 countries around the world. My photograph of The Space Whale taken at Burning Man was awarded Honorable Mention next to 45 other submitted works in the category Abstract Further, we look back on a successful photo17 exhibition…

  18. Burning Man

    When deciding on a project we wanted something that was cultural, spiritual, unreal, uncommon as well as visual with a strong storytelling opportunity. Burning Man is unique. It’s unique in its community spirit, its creativity, its self-expression. It’s not merely another festival. It’s a celebration of the human soul Burning…

  19. Werbeshooting mit den Peugeot-Markenbotschafterinnen

    Werbeshooting mit den Peugeot-Markenbotschafterinnen Francine Jodi und Anne-Flore Marxer.Werbeagentur : HavasVisagistin : Nathalie Meier

  20. Freundschaft ruft Geschichten ins Leben

    Ich habe das Vergnügen, heute eine neue Zusammenarbeit mit zwei renommierten Fotografen aus Zürich ankündigen zu dürfen. Gemeinsam mit meinen Kollegen Justin Hession und Pascal Richard haben wir das Projekt PlanetVisible in die Welt gerufen. Dieses basiert auf Storytelling und der Kreation von Fotoprojekten über Kultur und Umwelt.Ich lade Sie…

  21. Zoo Zürich

    Verwaltungsratspräsident Martin Naville und Zoo Direktor Dr. Alex Rübel. Fotoshooting in der mongolische Steppe für den Jahresbericht 2015.

  22. Küng Sauna

    Redesign Webseite und Inserate-Feinschliff : Technische Qualität von Sauna kombiniert mit dem Wohlgefühl der Person, um das Saunieren in entspannter Atmosphäre zu symbolisieren.Kommunikationsagentur : Planet GmbHVisagistin : Nathalie MeierModellagentur : Special

  23. Kellerhals Carrard

    Die Wirtschaftskanzleien Kellerhals Anwälte und Carrard & Associés spannen zusammen. Im Vorfeld der Bekanntgabe durften wir die Mitarbeiter aus Zürich, Bern, Basel und Lausanne vor Ort portraitieren. Insgesamt 120 Anwälte.

  24. Migros Genossenschaft Zürich

    „Never change a winning team“. Die Migros In-Store Communication geht in die dritte Runde. Mit grosser Freunde und viel Elan durften wir wieder während einer Woche unterschiedliche Migros-Produkte ablichten. Weiter unten eine Auswahl davon.Kommunikationsagentur : Metz oder Vieli GmbHStyling : Anita Oeschger & Franziska Müller - StylingPool

  25. Schönheitspraxis Eva Neuenschwander