This shout out is a special one. Big thanks to my friend Anthony at blackprint for this high quality black and white print of my photograph of the Burning Man Temple. It is now proudly hanging on the wall in front of my desk and I can dive back in the beautiful and surreal world of Burning Man at any time.
Anthony and Patricia have such a dedication and true passion for monochrom fine art printing. A private collection of antique photographs on glass opened their desire to show the 150 year old photographs in a new but coherent manner and therefore in limited series. This has materialized in the self-published project For all those who like black and white pictures, visit their website and make yourself a gift or let Anthony print one of your photos.

Social Impact

Beside our travel and adventure stories, at PlanetVisible we want to help companies and organizations in the process of creating impactful and visually compelling imagery to emphasize projects around Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Here’s how.

What I have learned working on a side project for the past 3 years

I am a Swiss/French photographer based in Zurich, Switzerland specialized in portraiture, editorial and commercial photography. I am also owner of PhotoPulse LLC.

Three years ago I started a photography side project named PlanetVisible with two photographer friends. That was the beginning of a new and exciting adventure pursuing visual storytelling ideas, self-exploration, creativeness and bringing awareness to themes that would otherwise be outside my realm of everyday opportunities.

I have gained valuable learnings through the journey of this project. These insights may be useful for any kind of personal projects.

The value of personal projects

Personal projects are an excellent way to create something that is entirely your own. They give you freedom and are a great opportunity to explore your creativity and grow your professionalism.

Personal projects help you to develop your talents along the way and open doors to new opportunities.

Personal projects allow you to gain new knowledge and learn new skills at your own speed. During the last 3 years I have learned among others, how to:

• Create a website on WordPress

• Setup MailChimp

• Increase my social media skills

• Gain confidence in drone flying

• Shoot and post-produce film and video media in Adobe Premiere Pro

• Feel more comfortable in writing stories

Personal projects are less prone to limitations or boundaries. You are the one setting the rules.

Personal projects keep your work and portfolio fresh. This makes you more attractive to your clients.

Project name

If your project is associated to a website and/or social media channels or may turn into a company at a later stage, it’s essential from the beginning to find a suitable name describing what your project is all about.

Wordoid or wordhippo can help you to find an adequate name for your project.

You may want to check if your project name already exists as a company name.

Use tools like namecheckr to check the availability of your project name and if the domain name and social media handle are already taken.

Time management

Make time for your project. Consider it as an investment in your personal growth.

Find out what times work best for you. If, like me, you finish your weekly work on Friday to be up to date before weekends, then Monday mornings might be a good time to work on your personal project.

Set a realistic timeline to avoid frustration.

Manage your time wisely otherwise, you might burn yourself out and even not be able to complete the project.

Use some of your dead time when traveling by train, by car or when under the shower to think about your project.

Acting on all upcoming ideas at once is not really practical and healthy for creativity.

Don’t switch constantly from your daily work to your side project and vice versa. You can’t be productive doing so.

Try your best to give yourself at least up to two hours per week to keep that momentum and inspiration flowing.

It’s essential not to forget about the other meaningful things in your life.

Be organized

Create a timeline and stick to it
Use cloud based notes or when working in a team, Evernote.

The best ideas come unexpected, write them down straight away before you forget them.

Break your project down into smaller tasks and prioritize the tasks in order they should be completed. Distinguish essential tasks to enhancements.

Give some tasks priority. Choose an easy task to start with to get in the flow more easily.

If you are working within a team, define who is in charge of what and set realistic deadlines.

If working in a team then meet personally on a regularly basis to brainstorm and discuss next steps. Set aside 15 to 30 minutes to also talk about organization and standardization.

The benefit of working in a team

I find it nice to be part of a team instead of the singular world of freelancing while working on corporate assignments. A the same time I had to learn to consider things from another’s perspective and understand someone else’s point of view.

Working with someone on a project makes it more enjoyable.

Build on the strengths of each team members.

Having someone relying on me motivates me to do the work I need to do.

Teamwork establishes strong relationship, and relying on others build trust.

Meet up from time to time in different environment than the office to discuss about the project. We sometimes paddle out on our SUPs, have dinner at home or go out for lunch in a restaurant.

An odd number of team members makes it easier to take final decisions when the team has different opinions. With three team members at PlanetVisible we humorously call it the 33.3% rule, although most of the time we were able to find a compromise and not have to use this rule.

Be aware that each team member might be in a different work/life situation. Some team members may not be able to deliver the same amount of work than others. Talk about expectations at an early stage.

Sharing is rewarding

Ask feedback from people with various perspectives and opinions you value and trust. These people may identify ways to improve, expand and extend the reach of your project.

Feedbacks are food for thoughts but the final decisions are yours.

Use your LinkedIn network to find people that could give you advice on topics you are not familiar with. Check the LinkedIn filter search function using keywords to find adequate connections.

Post about what you’re up to on your website and social media channels to create a sense of accountability.

By showcasing your project you may find that dream client reaching out to you.

How to stay self-motivated?

Combine passion with work.
Have fun. A project should give you space to enjoy the journey.

Having clear goals. Work toward that and give you time to achieve them.

Create to do list with easy tasks in between. This is a great way to start a work session.

Move forward at your own pace, even if that means spending only tiny bits of time on your personal project here and there.

When your motivation is going down, just start working, build up some energy to get in a rhythm.

Add value to the society we live in. At PlanetVisible we are passionate about caring for people, the environment and for creating a positive impact on our planet. By using the power of photography we help companies and organizations in the process of creating impactful and visually compelling imagery to emphasize projects which focus on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Share with others what you have learned and experienced.

When running into difficulties that you haven’t encountered before some solid brainpower will be required to come up with solutions. Give you time to process these problems. The best answers will pop up when you are not actively working on the project.

Are you wondering what PlanetVisible is all about? Have a read through below and visit – Thank you!

PlanetVisible is a small, like-minded and flexible photography collective positioned to collaborate in the creative process of shaping visual stories. We are passionate about caring for people, the environment and for creating a positive impact on our planet. Our lives started in different parts of the world but it is the shared exchange and passion for storytelling and visual imagery that bonded us as friends. This friendship has grown into a purposeful partnership that is today PlanetVisible. By working closely within a team we create a collection of versatile and striking images around corporate social responsibility (CSR) to fit individual projects. We listen carefully to our clients requirements and deliver professionally crafted work that appeals to editors and publications. By collaborating with magazines, newspapers and online media, PlanetVisible has the reach to bring exposure and attention to local stories and share them with the world. Working on projects is heightening our motivation and creativity enabling us to cover in-depth stories in short periods of time. It’s this “togetherness” which is enriching our photography.

Available light photography

Over the last years I can see a trend going back to available light photography. Many of my clients are looking for a more natural and authentic approach to tell their stories. In my eyes it is the perfect way to show things as they really are.
Ongoing work for the Wilhelm Group.
Communication Agency : Graf von Alonso

Migros Genossenschaft Zürich

Still photography can be quite amazing. Using the play of composition, lighting and colors, it gives the ability to turn an ordinary object into a beautiful photograph.
For the 5. round of our Migros-photoshoot we sticked to a technic named ‘flat lay’ photography also known as knolling, which means arranging different objects so that they are at 90° angles from each other before photographing them from above. Knolling creates a look that is very symmetrical and pleasing to the eye, and it also allows people to see many objects at once in a single image. Most pictures that feature knolling set the objects against a solid background. This makes it easy to see each individual object and allows them to be the most dynamic part of the image. You may soon discover one of these oversize-lightboxes at your Migros market.
For more knolling images check the stills section on my website –
Communication Agency : Metz oder Vieli GmbH
Styling : Franziska Müller – StylingPool

Fotoshooting für ABB

Anforderungen : Fotomaterial für Karrierewebseite, Flyer, Roll-Up und Social Media. Im Mittelpunkt stehen ABB Interns, die individuell oder in Gruppen aufgenommen werden um die starke Community zu unterstreichen und zu veranschaulichen dass ABB auch ein Arbeitgeber für junge Leute ist.
Da wir zügig unterwegs waren und mobil arbeiten mussten, hatte ich als Equipment die Nikon D850 mit 2 entkoppelten SB-900 Blitze im Einsatz. Alle Bilder wurden mit ISO 2500 aufgenommen.

Stand Up Paddle in northern Norway

The Norwegian archipelago situated within the Arctic Circle north of Tromsø is renowned for its natural beauty and rugged mountainous coastline. Bathed in the light of the Midnight Sun from late May through late July it is a place that gives the chance to feel nature’s elements and to experience the iridescent light of a phenomenon that is unfamiliar to most. The northern tip of Norway is offering at this period of the year an opportunity for an extraordinary journey.
This July, the team undertook a self supported Stand Up Paddle journey paddling each day through the late twilight hours to truly experience the full atmosphere of the Midnight Sun exploring the islands of Rebbenesøya, Grøtøya and Nordkvaløya in a region of pure untouched nature and very little civilization. In the endless summer days during the hours of the Midnight Sun the sky light up in powerful reds and the sea calms and turns into a wonderful crimson blue. To capture and document our journey we used both photography and a drone for stunning aerial still and video shots. Traveling with a relatively new mode of transport under the magical light of the Midnight Sun, we seek to explore and share images from one of the most unique places on earth.

We’ve been 2 weeks on the water. It’s been a mixed bag of weather conditions but overall we have been paddling some good distances. The SUP’s fully packed were handling the ocean swell and the scenery has been wild and remote. The exposed western coast is rugged and menacing but our SUP’s allowed us to get up close and have given us access to some great camping spots. We really haven’t seen much sign of other life other than the odd hello from the local seals and a few passing dolphins. Being so far up north offers some fascinating bird watching with almost hourly puffin flybys and visits from the Arctic tern on its epic migrating journey from Antartic.

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Monochrome Photography Awards & photo17

Good news! The 2016 Monochrome Photography Awards received nearly 7000 submissions from 86 countries around the world. My photograph of The Space Whale taken at Burning Man was awarded Honorable Mention next to 45 other submitted works in the category Abstract.

Further, we look back on a successful photo17 exhibition week at Maag Halle where we could with Justin and Pascal present our project PlanetVisible and showcase our work about Burning Man.

Burning Man

When deciding on a project we wanted something that was cultural, spiritual, unreal, uncommon as well as visual with a strong storytelling opportunity. Burning Man is unique. It’s unique in its community spirit, its creativity, its self-expression. It’s not merely another festival. It’s a celebration of the human soul.

Burning Man is my first project under the name PlanetVisible, a collaboration with photographers Justin Hession and Pascal Richard. We all grew up in different parts of the world but it’s our shared passion in storytelling and visual imagery that has bonded us as friends. Our friendship has grown into a collaboration where together we seek to explore, document and share stories from around the world, with the world. Check our work on

I put some of my favorite photos together that i took at this year gathering. Ready for the journey !?
Enter the Magic

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