Still photography for Migros Genossenschaft Zürich

Still photography can be quite amazing. Using the play of composition, lighting and colors, it gives the ability to turn an ordinary object into a beautiful photograph.
For the 5. round of our Migros-photoshoot we sticked to a technic named ‘flat lay’ photography also known as knolling, which means arranging different objects so that they are at 90° angles from each other before photographing them from above. Knolling creates a look that is very symmetrical and pleasing to the eye, and it also allows people to see many objects at once in a single image. Most pictures that feature knolling set the objects against a solid background. This makes it easy to see each individual object and allows them to be the most dynamic part of the image. You may soon discover one of these oversize-lightboxes at your Migros market.
For more knolling images check the stills section on my website –
Communication Agency : Metz oder Vieli GmbH
Styling : Franziska Müller – StylingPool