Adventure photography – Stand Up Paddle in northern Norway

The Norwegian archipelago situated within the Arctic Circle north of Tromsø is renowned for its natural beauty and rugged mountainous coastline. Bathed in the light of the Midnight Sun from late May through late July it is a place that gives the chance to feel nature’s elements and to experience the iridescent light of a phenomenon that is unfamiliar to most. The northern tip of Norway is offering at this period of the year an opportunity for an extraordinary journey.
This July, the team undertook a self supported Stand Up Paddle journey paddling each day through the late twilight hours to truly experience the full atmosphere of the Midnight Sun exploring the islands of Rebbenesøya, Grøtøya and Nordkvaløya in a region of pure untouched nature and very little civilization. In the endless summer days during the hours of the Midnight Sun the sky light up in powerful reds and the sea calms and turns into a wonderful crimson blue. To capture and document our journey we used both photography and a drone for stunning aerial still and video shots. Traveling with a relatively new mode of transport under the magical light of the Midnight Sun, we seek to explore and share images from one of the most unique places on earth.

We’ve been 2 weeks on the water. It’s been a mixed bag of weather conditions but overall we have been paddling some good distances. The SUP’s fully packed were handling the ocean swell and the scenery has been wild and remote. The exposed western coast is rugged and menacing but our SUP’s allowed us to get up close and have given us access to some great camping spots. We really haven’t seen much sign of other life other than the odd hello from the local seals and a few passing dolphins. Being so far up north offers some fascinating bird watching with almost hourly puffin flybys and visits from the Arctic tern on its epic migrating journey from Antartic.

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