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  1. Cinematic tribute to the Ocean and the Mountains

    From time to time I feel the desire to create something on my own that is outside my regular assignments as a professional photographer, just like this cinematic and musical tribute to the ocean and the mountains. View in HD -> Showreel  SOUND ON  🔊

  2. Blackprint and their true passion for monochrom fine art printing

    This shout out is a special one. Big thanks to my friend Anthony at blackprint for this high quality black and white print of my photograph of the Burning Man Temple. It is now proudly hanging on the wall in front of my desk and I can dive back in…

  3. Social Impact photography

    Beside our travel and adventure stories, at PlanetVisible we want to help companies and organizations in the process of creating impactful and visually compelling imagery to emphasize projects around Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Here’s how.

  4. What I have learned working on a photography side project for the past 3 years

    I am a Swiss/French photographer based in Zurich, Switzerland specialized in portraiture, editorial and commercial photography. I am also owner of PhotoPulse LLC Three years ago I started a photography side project named PlanetVisible with two photographer friends. That was the beginning of a new and exciting adventure pursuing visual…