Adventure photography – Stand Up Paddling through a Sea of Ice

Can you believe it! We are ready for take-off and just 3 days before departure the Greenlandic government brings out new regulations that take effect exactly on the date we were due to fly out. How crazy is that after one year of preparing our photography expedition!? We have no other choice than to accept this decision for the health of the local people that must and absolutely comes first. So with heavy hearts we have to postpone our adventure to next year and we will be back with the same amount of excitement and preparation. Thanks to all of you out there that are supporting us! Like the Inuit proverb says – Only the Spirits of the Air know what awaits me behind the mountains, but still I travel onwards.

Yes, we have been left empty by this decision. It’s understandable but it was very unlucky with the timing. I guess many people have been left far worse off then just having a trip cancelled so in perspective it is easier to swallow. So with all the airfares booked, equipment packed, food organized and safety devices recharged we are left to undo what is done and start re-booking for next year. It won’t be bigger and better as we are 100% prepared to tackle the wilds now but it hopefully will be safer times to travel, where the locals are once again happy to have intrepid travelers back. We now have another year to look forward to realizing a dream!

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