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Set of 2 exclusive fine art prints from my recent expedition in North Greenland.

820.00 CHF

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Signed by the artist.
Make your personal selection of 2 out of 10 fine art prints.
Please send me your prints selection via email after you completed your order – order example: #3 #5.
Prints are available in size 42 x 60 cm including 2 cm white border.
Prints only. Without framing.
Mounted on aluminum or framed available upon request.
Also available in a set of 3 or single print.
Just drop me a line if you have any questions.

Delivered in 7-10 working days.
Greenland’s raw beauty never stops to surprise me, day in day out! Now, after an extraordinary stand up paddling adventure in the land of the giant icebergs, I am back home in the warmth of Switzerland and thankful for what I have learned and experienced.
Each iceberg is unique in its shape and size! I remember how exciting it was seeing these moving ice sculptures for the first time back in 2005 and my enthusiasm has not waned a single bit throughout the years. These sleeping beauties are attracting me like a magnet and on several occasions I have to remind myself to not paddle too close and keep safe distance.
Greenland is the place to see ice in all its spectacular forms. Big, bigger and absolutely huge. Calved from the majestic inland ice, icebergs consist of tightly compressed snow that fell on Greenland thousands and thousands of years ago. Like ponderous actors in an eternal drama, they set the scene for an out-of-this-world experience. In the winter, trapped in the pack ice, they are like frozen pieces in nature’s great game, spectacular and awesome. In the summer, they become floating sculptures setting off on a long and uncertain voyage only steered by the wind and current. It’s from my paddle board that I get a true demonstration of their size as they tower high above me.
Beside commercial assignments, Jean-Luc Grossmann is pursuing visual storytelling ideas, self-exploration, creativeness and bring awareness to themes that would otherwise be outside his realm of everyday opportunities.
The spirit of travel and adventure is an important part of who he is. To live hand in hand with nature and to explore remote and wild places around the world has always been his passion since he was a little kid. But travel is also about the locals he meets along the way and the insights he gets into their culture. These encounters he realized, often become one of the things he treasures most about a journey. Jean-Luc continue to explore all facets of photography, encouraging others to be curious about the new and the unknown.